Our factory is situated in a very nice eco-friendly atmosphere. The surroundings are covered with plants and is pollution free. Our new factory was built in the year 2005. It is a 7000 sq.feet RCC roofing building. Every production process is done in this factory. The top quality white petroleum jelly for production is bought in tankers and unloaded to thermally insulated SS tanks through pipes. The advantage is that it makes the surroundings clean. Since we have a good production line it eliminates all possibility of direct human contact with the raw materials or the products. The filling area is air-conditioned to avoid any condamination. A very neat and clean factory is built and maintained. Our employees are well paid and provided with all statutory allowances.

New Sebolin

New SEBOLIN has a brand new look for customers. It is enriched with new fragrance and top.

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Regular Sebolin

Your SEBOLIN in a new packing with same old fragrance. Now it is more Smooth and Rich.

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